DSI offers various services to address and resolve commercial and industrial disputes.

Mediation is a process in which DSI (the mediator) assists the disputants to reach a voluntary negotiated settlement of their differences.  The mediator has no power to make a decision.  His/her role is to assist in the negotiations between two or more parties.  Mediation is particularly useful in circumstances where parties seek not only to resolve their dispute quickly and amicable, but also preserve aspects of their ongoing relationship even though they may differ on the substance of their disputes, (e.g., Union/Management, Commerical/Corporate and family matters).


 Arbitration consists of the referral of a dispute to one or more impartial persons for final and binding determination.  (Essentially it amounts to private adjudication).  Private and confidential, it is designed to provide a quick, practical and economical resolution to problems. 


The advantages of arbitration over court adjudication include:

1. Expertise of the decision maker (parties can choose their own adjudicator)

2. Finality of the decision (no appeals)

3. Privacy of the proceedings

4. Procedural informality

5. Low cost

6. Speed of resosolution


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Consulting services include providing

- Advice to institutions, business, governments and employee organizations to assist parties with the resolution of their disputes in the most amicable, efficient and cost effective manner possible

- Case managementin large or difficult disputes and/or early case assessment

- The design and operation of dispute management systems

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