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Richard I. Hornung, Q.C. DSI’s Managing Director, has extensive experience in the resolution of commercial and industrial disputes.

Mr. Richard I. Hornung, Q.C., has a wealth of experience in ADR, Industrial Relations and law. He has served as vice-Chair of the Canada Labour Relations Board and Chair of the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board.  A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan (B.A., LL.B.) and the London School of Economics (LL.M.), he began his career as a Professor of Law at the University of Alberta and thereafter, until his appointment to the Canada and Saskatchewn Boards, was a senior partner in the private practice of law. He has extensive experience in the resolution of disputes and has been involved as a negotiator, mediator or arbitrator across a broad labour and commerical spectrum.



Mr. Hornung is a contributing author of the textbook: Collective Agreement Arbitration In Canada (2009) and the author of various reports and papers including a comprehensive public policy report on Construction Industry Labour Relations. Recognized for his expertise, he is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences. He instructed at an annual course in

Mediation at Harvard Law School (Program of Instruction for Lawyers), and is a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators, and the Ontario Labour-Management Arbitrators Association. He is also a Part time Vice Chair of the Canada Industrial Relations Board.



Recent engagements include the following:


- Mediated a successful conclusion to Sask. Teacher's dispute (2011)
Named Arbitrator: Canada Post/CUPW; CAW/NavCan; TELUS/TWU; CAW/DHL; Evraz/USWA

- Mediator of new scope structure at the University of Saskatchewan

- Chairman of the Alberta Medical Fees Dispute Arbitration Tribunal

- Designed and implemented a process for the resolution of disputes in the RCMP's Air Services Division

- Senior Adjudicator, Indian Residential School Claims

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